The game maps (levels) are composed of a topographical landscape that the player can freely explore. These game landscapes are surrounded by an invisible barrier that the player cannot pass through to explore beyond. The barrier is usually depicted as an obvious feature like a barbed wire fence, a steep slope, cliff, or wall but occasionally it is just an invisible barrier that cannot be passed. Beyond these barriers a continuing landscape can often be seen but not reached.

These inaccessible areas can however be reached from a single location in the game. In the Yantar level, there is a Space Anomaly that will transport the player to these inaccessible areas. In the northwest corner of the factory complex will be found the gate that leads to the Red Forest (Clear Sky). Before going through the gate, it should be noticed that there is a small courtyard on the other side of the gate with a parked yellow trailer. It is in this courtyard that the space anomaly is located, but the space anomaly can only be reached from the north.

To reach the courtyard from the Agroprom entrance the player should make their way to the high ridge at the far west side of the Yantar map. Walk up the slope and continue west as far as the barbed wire fence. Follow the fence north until the high uplands are reached, then head towards the pylon in the distance (doing this will allow the player to bypass the dogs, Psi-emission fields, Anomalies and heavy Radiation on the west side of the factory). From the pylon the player should head to the far corner of the large building without windows and then head south into the factory complex from the north (note: the buildings here are only partially constructed and once entered the player cannot return to the uplands). Before entering the buildings the game should be saved. Also there is sometimes a strong psy-emission field inside the buildings, so a good suit with good Artifact protection and adequate supplies is helpful. If the player explores this area inside the partially constructed buildings, they should eventually find the small courtyard with the yellow trailer, on the other side of a gate in an iron railing fence. Before going through the gate into the courtyard the player should save the game as a separately named game. On entering the courtyard the player will be transported to one of the inaccessible areas. When entering the courtyard, moving left or right or going straight ahead triggers different areas, try entering the space anomaly from as many different directions as possible.

Note: the north entrance to the factory complex can also be reached by travelling north along the high ridge on the east side of Yantar.

When landing in an inaccessible area the player will be inside a space anomaly. If the player is not careful when moving out of the space anomaly, a jump to another area will happen. Each space anomaly has a different exit that must be found to enter the area, the individual sections below explain how to get out of the space anomaly (see: How to stop being transported)

Dangers in the inaccessible areasEdit

The following is a list of some dangers that the player should be aware of.

  • 1. do not tread onto or walk into the light blue or grey areas of the map.
  • 2. there are rare anomalies hidden by bushes etc. that can be walked into accidentally.
  • 3. some slopes, crevices and cliffs can become traps.
  • 4. be careful not to enter the game play area, as the inaccessible area usually cannot be returned to.
  • 5. be careful when entering some road cuttings with steep banks, they cannot always be climbed out of.
  • 6. If an Emission starts, do not bother with the exploring, there is nowhere to get shelter, start again.
  • 7. Weapons and ammunition are not usually needed in the inaccessible areas, but the ability to run long distances is useful.
  • 8. Starting the exploration on a bright sunny day, early in the morning in the game is helpful.

Exploring the inaccessible areasEdit

Great SwampEdit

1. Starting from the space anomaly in Yantar:

  • How to stop being transported: turn left and walk.
  • Area: very small.
  • Note: it is not possible to explore the Great Swamp from this small area.

2. Starting from inside the game map area:

  • Start: starting from the exit to the Agroprom head south until the railway track is reached, then head west along the railway track to the metal barred gate. From the gate closely follow the barbed wire fence southwest down into the swamps. A gap in the barbed wire fence will be found, hidden in some vegetation. Go through the gap and head due north until the bank of the railway is reached. The bank here cannot be climbed, so follow the bank west almost as far as the old collapsed railway bridge. The bank here will be covered in bushes and these bushes can be climbed up and through, leading to the top of the railway bank just east of the old bridge. This is the starting point for exploring the inaccessible area.
  • How to stop being transported: not applicable, the inaccessible area around the Great Swamp can be reached without using a space anomaly.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around the Great Swamp can be explored. This is the largest inaccessible area, especially the great valleys and hills to the east of the area.
  • Note: when exploring the area just west of the Clear Sky base, it is possible to accidentally pass through the invisible barrier, enter the game map and not be able return to the inaccessible area.


  • Start: just north of the exit to the Great Swamp.
  • How to stop being transported: turn until facing the barbed wire fence, walk up to the fence and then walk right or left.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around the Cordon can be explored.
  • Note: be careful above the tunnel exit to the Dark Valley and above the railway tunnel, the slopes cannot be climbed back up, to get back into the inaccessible area.


  • Start: just southeast of the east exit to the Cordon.
  • How to stop being transported: turn 180 degrees, walk past the third pine tree on the left, turn right or left and walk.
  • Area: only the area around the exit to the Cordon.
  • Note: it is not possible to explore the Garbage from this small area.

Dark ValleyEdit

  • How to stop being transported: turn right or left and walk.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around the Dark Valley can be explored. Unlike the other maps, all the way around the Dark Valley, is a second landscape of hills that can be seen.
  • Note: there are some very tricky slopes and cliffs around the two exits to the Garbage.


  • Start: northwest  of the exit to the Garbage.
  • How to stop being transported: turn right or left and walk.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around Agroprom can be explored.
  • Note: to explore the inaccessible area south of the Duty base the barbed wire fence can be jumped over.


  • Start: anywhere north of the factory.
  • How to stop being transported: not applicable, the inaccessible area around Yantar can be reached without using a space anomaly.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around Yantar can be explored.
  • Note: the partially constructed buildings of the factory complex can become traps.

Army WarehousesEdit

  • Start: in the northeast corner of the area.
  • How to stop being transported:  turn left, walk to the rock cliff then hug the rock cliff going to the west.
  • Area: the whole of the inaccessible area around the Army Warehouses can be explored.
  • Note: go through the bushes on the edge of the map to get around the Red Forest exit.

Red Forest (Clear Sky)Edit

  • Start: on sniper hill just west of the bridge to Limansk.
  • How to stop being transported:  walk forward.
  • Area: north to as far as the exit to the Army Warehouses and east as far as the exit to Yantar. To go north, cross the small stone bridge, travel north and then cross the river (which has no radiation here) and explore the tunnel area and the area around the Red Forest. To go east, go north first, then return back to near the starting point, explore sniper hill, then travel east and cross the river.
  • If the player enters the area just before the main mission to capture the bridge, it is possible to complete the mission from the inaccessible area on sniper hill.
  • Note: just south of the tunnel to Limansk there is a metal bar door, leading to secret tunnels, that the player cannot enter in normal game play (grate blocked). This door is open if the player climbs down from sniper hill in the inaccessible area and enters the game area. The door is only open if the bridge is in the raised position when entering the area through the space anomaly. On sniper hill six snipers are encountered, there are also two snipers on the small stone bridge. Eight SVDm 2 sniper rifles with 160 rounds of 7N 1 ammunition can be collected and then sold to the nearest trader. The total value of items that can be collected from the eight snipers is worth about 8600 Ru.

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