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Less time wasting. More Strelok shooting.
- Lebedev

Incapacitate Strelok's psy-protection is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find a way to Chernobyl NPP task to receive the Incapacitate Strelok's psy-protection mission.


Scar has finally caught up to Strelok and must now shoot him with a Gauss Rifle to wear down the psy-protection and prevent Strelok from continuing.

Mission Edit

Coming in from the Limansk Hospital, a cut scene plays with Lebedev thanking you for all your help. At the end of the cut scene, you are on an elevated walkway with a Teleport at the end and you're holding a Gauss Rifle. Strelok is on another section of the walkway to your right and a progress bar showing you how much damage you've done to Strelok's psy-protection.

There is a small emission where you can't really shoot until the ground stops shaking. You may want to move forward for a better shot during the emission and another brief cut scene plays showing you his exact location while Lebedev instructs you on using the Gauss Rifle to stop Strelok. You can shoot through the fence, but the amount of damage isn't as great as hitting Strelok when he's in the open. If you don't stop him before he gets out of sight, you must sprint forward into the Teleport and receive the first Find the teleport that leads to the heat pipe secondary mission. Now you must fight off three waves of Monolith as you make your way to the next Teleport and complete the secondary task. You should be able to get one or two shots in as Strelok jumps over some shipping crates along the section of walkway to your left. Then, find the ladder at the end of the walkway and shoot him as he climbs. Strelok will stop at the top of the ladder for a few more seconds before it's too late to get any more shots on him.

If you decide to go to the next Teleport, you get the second Find the teleport that leads to the heat pipe secondary mission and again must fight off three waves of Monolith. However, you can avoid a head-on fight by sprinting along the west edge of the roof top, then along the south edge to the targeted Teleport. You are now on the same section of walkway where Strelok was at the start of the mission and the secondary task is complete. There are three more waves of Monolith teleporting in along the way.

Completing the MissionEdit

Lebedev will tell you when the psy-protection is almost gone and you only need one or two more shots. A final cut scene plays with Lebedev going crazy and a large emission building up. Then you see a hallway lined with stalkers either dead or close to it. The camera zooms in on Strelok and his tattoo. This is supposedly how he ends up in the Death truck with no memory at the start of Shadow of Chernobyl.


  • This mission is very buggy with two common scenarios: Strelok falls to the ground and is stationary, or, he walks off the walkway and floats in mid-air. Either one makes completing the mission very easy.

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