The Investigation report is a document found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. It is added to the PDA after picking up the document case at the Agroprom Research Institute.


Investigation report. For official use only.

To SBU Colonel V. M. Kruchelnikov, head of project "TRUTH".

From Captain D. F. Maksimenko, commander of "Search-2" group.


Our group consisting of 3 investigators and a squad of SBU Special Forces conducted searched at Agroprom, the former Research Institute for agriculture on radiation-affected soil, from 12.05.2012 to 25.05.2012. Most of the equipment and documentation was missing however the few things we were able to find allow us to come to the following conclusion: over the period from 2005 to 2008, the Institute did not conduct any research in its official fields of study. All the results of its "work" sent to the Ministry of Agriculture were falsified. Simultaneously, the Institute's management, specifically Petr Danilovich Strizh, continued to receive state financing, equipment and consumables and transferred them to a laboratory designated X18 using forged consignment notes, which provided cover for the operation by indicating that the materials were being transferred to an auxiliary facility for experiments. X18 appears to be a code name adopted by the group of people implicated in this affair, since our database contains no mention of this laboratory. Judging by the analysis of the documents we found, this laboratory is located within an hour's drive from the Institute.

It is likely to be a clandestine facility so I would request the involvement of our analytical department. The lab's field of research is not clear and available documents contain no helpful information in this regard but do make references to the infamous professor Chubko and also mention some "Group". It is my firm belief that we have come to the end of the line and the analytical department will now have plenty of work to do.

Attached is an archived file containing consignment notes for consumable materials and equipment transferred to some auxiliary facility and an extract from correspondence between Strizh and Chubko.

Captain D.F. Maksimenko


Letter #1Edit

To professor V.M. Chubko.
From P.D. Strizh, Head of Agroprom Research Institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.

Dear Vadim Mikhailovich,

As agreed, I am sending the next batch of consumable materials and equipment to our experimental facility to help you with your research, which is so essential for agriculture. I arranged financing for the experiments by describing them as pilot experiments in fields studied by the Institute so there won't be any problems with the Ministry. How are the experiments progressing? I am still deeply impressed by what you showed me last time.

Sincerely yours, P.D. Strizh

Letter #2Edit

DAS To P.D. Strizh

Please accept my gratitute, Petr Danilovich, we've received everything. My team is very impressed with the laser spectrometer - if not for you, it would take me eons to acquire this model through my channels. Of course the Ministry of Agriculture will be happy to receive OUR really made an old man laugh with that one! The experiments are continuing normally and the things you saw last time are dwarfed by our latest achievements. You should visit more often - I am always happy to see you and it's only an hour's drive to our "experimental facility" as you called it :)

I almost forgot, I have news for you: next Monday I will be discussing your candidacy with the Group. I think they will support me.

Sincerely yours,
professor V.M. Chubko

Letter #3Edit

To professor V.M. Chubko
From P.D. Strizh, Head of Agroprom Research Institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences

Dear Vadim Mikhailovich,

thank you for your trust. I am touched and will do my best to prove you right. I think it is every scientist's dreams to take part in such an experiment and I will be absolutely delighted to be accepted into the Group.

Sincerely yours,
P.D. Strizh

P.S. I managed to get two of the latest Japanese broadband oscilloscopes from the Ministry and will send them over at the earliest opportunity.

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