Joker's PDA
Cop pda
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0.10 kg

Call of Pripyat


Note on the PDA: "I'm positive the artifact is on the tree itself. It's clear from here that I could climb onto the tree from the hill. I just hope the hills are free of mutants. It's too bad I had to come here on my own after that argument with Cardan and Barge, but when I bring back the artifact they'll see I was right all along..."
- Joker's PDA's last entry.

This PDA appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Joker's PDA is a PDA carried by Joker. The PDA can be found near his skeleton, which is to the far south of the Oakpine Anomaly in Zaton. It is a part of the mission Three Comrades.


  • This is the only PDA in Call of Pripyat that, instead of being on the body in the person's inventory, is instead laying on the ground beside him.

Entry Edit

Joker's PDA recording - STALKER Call of Pripyat00:25

Joker's PDA recording - STALKER Call of Pripyat

Joker's PDA recording.

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