Kaymanov emitters are structures present only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. They are present on the red forest map and must be shut down to disable the brain scorcher.

Lab X-18Edit

Ss kge 05-04-12 20-40-53 (l04u labx18)

The interior of Lab X-18, just before the room where the documents are present.

In one of the earlier missions, the Marked One had to go through Lab X-18 in the Dark Valley to collect documents. When the player brings said documents back to the bar, Barkeep looks at them and says that the components to the Kaymanov emitters were manufactured in X-18 itself.

Lab X-16Edit

After finding out this information, Marked One must travel through the perils of Wild Territory to the Yantar area, at which point the player must talk with Professor Sakharov. Eventually he will obtain a psi-protection device and be able to fight his way into the lab under the Yantar factory, which is swarming with zombified stalkers and snorks. After turning off the psi-brain or "miracle machine" (which was actually an experimental Kaymanov emitter created after a breakthrough in X-18), he must search the corpse of Ghost to obtain the documents, which will then also be brought to Barkeep.

The Brain ScorcherEdit

Ss kge 05-27-12 17-50-29 (l10u bunker)

Inside the Brain Scorcher bunker.

Marked One's next job is to go to the Red Forest and turn off the Kaymanov emitters at the Brain Scorcher complex. After battling his way through a horde of brainwashed Monolithian warriors, the player can access the bunker/lab that the control panel is located in and shut off the Brain Scorcher's emitters, disabling the last of the Kaymanovs in the Zone.

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