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Laboratory X-19 (also referred to as X-10) is a location featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Lab X-19 is a hidden underground lab where the main components from labs X-18 and X-16 were sent, to construct a large scale Rainbow psychic antenna. It is located directly below the surface complex, accessed via a dead-end railway sidetrack behind the Red Forest.

It is a large complex, occupied primarily by massive power generators necessary to supply enough energy for the continued operation of the Rainbow emitter, known by stalkers as the Brain Scorcher.[1]


The inside of the lab is mostly empty, containing up to four widely scattered Bloodsuckers. After the machinery is disabled, Monolith starts patrolling both the inside of the lab and a perimeter around it. Once the Marked One gets to the surface, a platoon of Spetsnaz will be fighting against the Monolithians. Duty and Freedom will be in a skirmish near the road to Pripyat, and the winning faction's stalkers will almost immediately engage the Monolith squad at the top of the slope, near the transition point. Loners and Spetsnaz soldiers can be found near the exit to the Army Warehouses. In addition to these new threats, new Monolith squads may appear in places that were previously cleared out.


In earlier builds, most notably Build 1935, X-19 was named "Bunker X-10"; in the final version of the game, this bunker was moved and renamed to its current label. In the pre-release version, the entrance to X-10 was somewhere else in the Red Forest. In the final version, the entrance to the area was moved to the Brain Scorcher antenna grounds. Some source files still hold references to the earlier name. In-game however, the designation X-10 is never mentioned. To add to the confusion, X-19 is refered to as lab X-10 in Call of Pripyat.

But in original (russian) version, this lab names X10, so in Pripyat in original version lab names X8.


  1. "The documents describe the technical characteristics of the antenna and how they deviate from their planned values. There is a note on the reverse side which indicates that these documents were prepared in lab X10." -Rainbow emitter - main technical characteristics

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