Learn something about Strelok from Fox

"Trader told me you might know something about Strelok."

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



Northern Cordon


Main mission continuation

A word about Strelok, Marked One. A stalker just came back from a long raid. Fox he's called. Looks like he had a pretty rough time and he's asking for help. Some weird beasts followed him all the way back, he says he won't hold out much longer. I reckon the fella will know a bit about Strelok. Here are the coordinates. You might wanna hurry up though.
- Trader, PDA message history

Learn something about Strelok from Fox is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

As part of the main mission, Player must obtain progression information from Fox or a broken main mission will result.

Mission: Help FoxEdit

  • As soon as the player has completed the traverse the railway embankment mission, he receives a transmission from Sidorovich informing him about a stalker named Fox who may have information about Strelok.
  • Unfortunately Fox is pursued by some "critters" and "won't last long".
  • To complete this section of the quest, the player must head to Fox's camp, and give Fox a Medkit as he is wounded. This completes the Help Fox mission.
  • Fox will then give some information about Strelok:

Mission: Get information about StrelokEdit

Trader told me you might know something about Strelok.
- Marked One, PDA message history

Why is everyone taking such a keen interest in him lately? OK, I can't say I know him personally. We did "communicate" though: my guys took some shots at him once. No one got hurt - it was clear his party had been waiting for someone else, so we parted in peace. Cussed each other out across a ravine and went on our separate ways. Seriy, my brother, is now in the hangar at the Garbage - I'll dish you his coordinates so you two can have a chat. He knows more about Strelok. Be careful at the exit, a small gang has settled down in those parts. By the way, I got a few monsters chasing me and it doesn't look like they've given up yet. You mind helping me deal with them? It's a walk in the park really.
- Fox, PDA message history
  • The Learn something about Strelok from Fox task is complete and the Meet with Seriy task is added.
  • Fox is then set upon by a pack of Blind dogs which the player can optionally assist in eliminating.
  • Fox gives a reward of 1500 RU and information on a nearby stash when the dogs are eliminated.
  • Eliminating the dog pack enhances Fox's likelihood of setting up a small camp here with itinerant loners.


  • In the unpatched game, Fox would immediately enter 'mutant kill' mode when provided with a medkit. This made his survival more unlikely and mission-break more possible.

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