Leave the underground

In-game display of new task

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



Agroprom Research Institute


Main mission continuation


Strelok went to Lake Yantar. You are closest to that area - try to intercept him there, and we'll take care of Fang and Ghost.
- ''PDA message''

Leave the underground is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the stalker group's stash task to receive the Leave the underground mission.


Scar has discovered Strelok and his group are planning another trip that Lebedev thinks will be disastrous.

Mission Edit

Your minimap should tell you if there are any more Bandits when you leave the hideout. Once you take care of them, make your way to the cylinder-shaped room with stairs along the outside. There are, depending on what difficulty level you're playing at, a group of Pyrogeists blocking the way. One or two shotgun blasts are all they can handle. As you reach the top you are transported to the surface, the Leave the underground mission is complete and a new task displays: Talk to Sakharov.

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