Limansk Hospital
CS hospital

Abandoned building


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Loot from dead corpses during this level could be useful until the next stage.


The Limansk Hospital is a location in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The actual history of the hospital is unclear, although it is almost certain that the hospital was used by the inhabitants of Limansk. In Clear Sky, it appears that an earthquake or some other phenomenon caused the hospital to sink abruptly into the soil, as evidenced by the acute structural damage and by how the only entrance set on a wall is meters below ground level and only accessible by a ditch.

The inside of the hospital lacks the Zone's normal irradiated areas and lands of anomalies, but the vast quantities of hostile stalkers make it dangerous all the same if not more. Nearly all of the hospital has been occupied by the Monolith, and most of the paths that lead further towards the Chernobyl NPP are fenced off by a machine gun emplacement or some other kind of fortification.

CS hospital map

The map of Limansk Hospital, not available in the game


Clear SkyEdit

The area is employed as a last line of defense by the Monolith, who set up sniping points and machine gun pillboxes. As Scar progresses through the structure, his PDA intercepts a radio communication summoning an attack helicopter to the hospital. Said helicopter must be destroyed to allow access to the Chernobyl NPP.

The area is a point of no return in the game, similar to entering Limansk via the Red Forest tunnel.


Originally, the hospital (known as Catacombs1) was supposed to be an underground location used by the player to reach Agroprom Underground and Yantar. The entrance was hidden in the railway tunnel connecting the Garbage to the Agroprom. It should have been discovered by diggers a couple of weeks before the big Blowout and seized by Bandits shortly after. The planned next level, Bridge over river Pripyat, was also cut. However, late in development, it was moved and used to replace Pripyat Underground as a connecting level between the NPP and Limansk-13.


  • The hospital is known as the Deserted Hospital in game.