Loot as payment

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Great Swamp, northeast of Old church

Coordinates given by


Coordinates cost



Hidden by a bush.


The loot you'll find in the black backpack uner the boulders is now yours. Let's consider this transaction settled.
- ''PDA message''

Loot as payment is a stash located in the Great Swamp in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash can be purchased from Nimble and is located northeast of the Old church on the west side of three large boulders.

Walkthrough Edit

From the road that passes by the front of the church and bends northeast toward the Northern farmstead, walk east up the hill. There's a large bush that hides the boulders from the road. Walk through the bush to the boulders. The backpack is on the ground between two of the boulders.

Gallery Edit

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