Meet with Seriy

"Seriy is sitting in the hangar at the Garbage, he knows more about Strelok."

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Primary Mission

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Main mission continuation


OK, you helped me out for free so I'll tell you. One of the guys, a former "digger" called Mole is waiting for me. He dug up Strelok's stash but I don't know if he found anything there. Here are the coordinates of our meeting place. Tell him I sent you. They'll be looking for me now, so I am going to disappear for a while. Here's some cash for your help too.

Meet with Seriy is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Learn something about Strelok from Fox task to receive the Meet with Seriy mission.


Fox doesn't offer much information about Strelok, just that they traded shots from either side of a ravine. But his brother, Seriy, apparently knows more.

Mission: Learn something of Strelok from SeriyEdit

This task takes you further north to the Garbage. Along the way, there are some corpses to loot, the stash that Fox gave you, some Blind Dogs and Pseudodogs, and maybe even some Bandits on their way to the Car park.

When you transition to the Garbage, you have two optional missions: help Yurik, who is being held up by Bandits, and a call for help from the Vehicle graveyard. If you accept these calls for help, you'll have too much loot to carry when you're done. Plus, your status goes up and that means more stashes.

When you get to the hangar, Seriy puts you off because he's expecting another wave of Bandits to attack. When the attack is put down, go talk to Seriy to complete the task and a new task shows on your PDA: Get information about Strelok.


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