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State Security Service
SCOP State Security Service

Ukrainian Government


Supreme Commander-In-Chief



Notable members

SCS Loners Loners
SCS Bandits Bandits
SCS Freedom Freedom
(CS, SoC) SCS Mercs Mercenaries
Monolith Patch Monolith
Dolg Patch Duty (SoC) (CS)


Dolg Patch Duty (CoP)
SCS Loners Loners (CoP), Freedom (CoP)


SCS Scientist emblem Ecologists

We are here to protect you from the Zone, not the Zone from you. Do not jeopardize your life, do not try to penetrate through the secure area.
- Loudspeaker Broadcasts at the Cordon

The Ukrainian government, through its Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerstvo vnutrishnikh sprav Ukrayiny, MVS), maintains the Zone's perimeter with internal troops from the State Security Service[1]. The internal troops, who are often referred to simply as the Military, are tasked with providing and maintaining security along the borders of the Zone, in order to prevent unauthorised incursions by stalkers, and by extension, distribution of artifacts to the outside world without government supervision. They are in practice however, one of the most corrupt groups operating within the Zone; security personnel frequently shoot at stalkers for sport, engage in extortion, and accept bribes in exchange for ignoring smuggling operations.

Background and History in the ZoneEdit

Following the Second DisasterEdit

In the early days of the Zone, internal troops of the State Security Service formed the bulk of human presence in the area. While it is never directly established how much territory was under military control, it can strongly be assumed by wreckage and abandoned fortifications that most of the Zone was at least lightly overseen by security personnel. In the wake of the first and second emissions however, the military steadily lost its hold over the interior of the Zone to newly formed anomalies and increasingly more prevalent mutants. Following the debacle, they issued a decree stating that any unauthorised personnel who attempt to enter the Zone are to be shot on sight. However, because of their corruption and low morale, this was poorly enforced as people who were awed by marvelous stories of the Zone became attracted to it and started exploring the very area that the military barred it from. These people came to be known as Stalkers.

Clear SkyEdit

In Clear Sky, the Ukrainian Military is relatively prevalent in the Zone. However, the Second Emission that begins Clear Sky has shaken up the military considerably, and, caught in the middle of the faction wars and new anomalies, the military loses significant amounts of territory. Most notably, their primary base in the Zone, the Army Warehouses, is infested with psychic anomalies, turning all but twelve of the men stationed there into zombies. The surviving soldiers are soon after mopped up by the mercenary Scar, in order to gain access to the watchtower.

In their secondary base in the Cordon, however, the military seems to have fully recovered. They are better organized with a lot more firepower, which Scar finds out when he first enters the Cordon from the Great Swamps. Their stationary machine gun turret on the second floor of the Northwestern building of their base is quite an obstacle, covering a large area to the North and the West of their base. This gun is so powerful, its rounds can penetrate through fully grown trees and still cause damage when they hit.

When coming from the Great Swamps, Scar's best chance of survival is to run for a gap in the barbed wire fence under a tree to the Northwest of the base, and then run again towards the Northwest from that gap.

If this military base is to be taken by Scar, his best option is to enter this base over fallen trees on the fence just East of the North entrance of the base, since an assault from the North or the West is akin to suicide.

The Military's grip on Limansk all but vanishes as Monolith and Clear Sky both pour into the area, along with the other factions such as Duty and Freedom, who attempt to push into the Zone's center. Their garrison (with another stationary machine gun turret), along with a military helicopter, are annihilated by Scar.

By the end of Clear Sky, the Military presence in the Zone is all but eliminated, restricted to monitoring the entrance to the Cordon. At some point between the events of Clear Sky and Shadow of Chernobyl, however, the Military establishes a power-base in Agroprom, taking it from the Loners and Duty.

The Military make a final appearance at the Pripyat Hospital, where the player has to shoot down a Mil Mi-2 Helicopter. Finally, they are part of the opposition rushing to the center, they can be seen fighting; although since the scene between the Hospital and the CNPP chase was removed from the original game, they are not actually encountered by the player.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

SHOC Military

In the original STALKER, the Military are much less prevalent then they were in Clear Sky, having lost much of their territory in the faction war and the aftermath of the Second Emission. However, they have a much more secure grip on the Cordon at this point, as well as a new commanding officer (Major Kuznetsov), having presumably eliminated Father Valerian and disrupted the unity of the Loners faction. In addition, they occupy Duty's former headquarters in the Agroprom area, and routinely launch raids upon the stalkers in the area.

Initially, the military remain unaware of the more recent developments in the Zone. After the Brain Scorcher is deactivated by Strelok however, the Military launches an aggressive campaign to retake Pripyat and the Chernobyl NPP, sending in elite Spetsnaz units along with BTR-80 APC's and Mil Mi-24 Hind Gunships. Despite this however, those that are not killed by the fortified Monolith faction or the Marked One are presumably killed in the Third Emission, erasing whatever gains the military may have made.

It is perhaps worth noting that the focus of the military changes between the two games. In Clear Sky, the military is dedicated towards sealing the Zone and establishing superiority, despite significant casualties. By the time Shadow of Chernobyl approaches, the military are more resigned to their position as a thorn in the Stalkers' sides, and have changed priorities, assisting the Ecologists in securing Yantar and leading investigations into the suspicious activities around the Zone committed by the previous occupants. Their garrison in Yantar seems to have been wiped out however, with most of the personnel turned into Zombies, leaving the task of securing the Bunker to Dutyers, Loners, or Mercenaries looking for work.

Call of PripyatEdit

The player, Major Alexander Degtyarev, works as a military stalker, sent by the USS to investigate the failure of Operation Fairway and locate survivors. Most likely due to strong opposition by the rest of the other Stalkers who inhabit the zone, the major is undercover. This is also evident when searching for potential rescue points from Stingray 3, Beard will comment that too many here remember what it was like when avoiding the machine guns at the Cordon.

The rest of the military forces in the Zone are all made up of Spetsnaz operators and Military stalkers who partook in Operation Fairway and were carried into the Zone using Stingray gunships. However, the operation failed when all of the gunships were either shot down or disabled by anomalies. Most of the soldiers who did survive the crash were either killed by the zone's mutants and anomalies or turned into zombified stalkers by the subsequent emissions.

Those who survived the Zone's horrors, excluding Sokolov who managed to find safety elsewhere, made their way into Pripyat and took the laundromat from the Monolith. The military survivors are led by Colonel Kovalsky. They were eventually evacuated when they managed to reestablish communications to their headquarters.

Military charactersEdit





The military generally uses Warsaw Pact weapons, generally the same used by the Ukrainian army. Special forces and military stalkers generally have access to a greater variety of weapons and equipment.



  • Soldier uniform – Medium armored suit worn by grunts. Moderately more effective overall than the standard Stalker suit. Unobtainable in official games but present in STALKER builds Build 2205 and 2215.
  • Officer uniform – Medium-quality armour worn by commissioned officers. Not obtainable by the player.
  • Berill-5M armoured suit – Medium-quality armour used by regular Spetsnaz operators. A heavily armoured suit modified for use in the Zone, including a PSZ-9a body armour with a Sphere-08 helmet. While it offers good protection from bullets and shrapnel, it lacks sufficient protection from anomalies and radiation. May be worn with a gas mask or ballistic goggles.
  • Skat-9M military armored suit – High-end military body armour designed for use in heavily anomalous areas. Features a PSZ-12d armoured suit, a built in compensation suit, and a Sphere-12M Helmet. Offers some of the best firearm/shrapnel protection (alongside the PSZ-12D Duty Armor, right behind the Exoskeleton) and offers good protection from anomalies and radiation. Only used by expert Spetsnaz units and Military Stalkers.
  • Camo used by default is the FLORA (RUSSIAN camo) on the Berill-5M, and Skat-9M and a variant of TTsKO on the Soldier uniform.
  • Skat-9M military exo-skeleton - A Skat-9M military armored suit with an additional exo-skeleton set for improved mobility. Only used by expert Spetsnaz units trained in exo-operations. Offers the best firearm/shrapnel protection the military has to offer. Not obtainable by the player.


  1. In the games, soldiers and spetsnaz wear patches on their uniforms reading "МВС України – державна служба охорони". This translates as "Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs – State Security Service".

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