Mining Complex

Red Forest

Notable buildings



Dolg Patch Duty
SCS Loners Loners



Notable loot

Metal box x 4
Green Crate x 2

Forester's home


The Mining Complex is one major location in the Red Forest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Mining Complex is the home of Forester and the launch point for many of the Red Forest missions. Duty has two camps in the area; one south of the main buildings at the north gate to the forest, and the other at the north end of the road that leads to the Army Warehouses.


The road coming from the north turns east and circles around in front of the building where Forester lives. There are a few shipping containers on the west side of the buildings, one with a metal box of ammo in it. There are pockets of radiation in the area, between the shipping containers and the northern Duty checkpoint, inside where the road circles, and in the southwest corner where the road curves. There is also an Electro anomaly with an artifact at the bend in the road.


Forester (a Loner) and Duty. At one point in the game, Freedom follows you from their checkpoint at the north end of the Army Warehouses to the northern Duty checkpoint and it doesn't go well for them. You, however, have an opportunity to score a SVDm-2 or two from one of the Freedom corpses.


  • The tower structure on top of Forester's building has three metal boxes full of supplies.
  • The northern Duty checkpoint has a green crate with supplies.
  • There is a green crate with supplies outside the portacabin positioned next to the gate that leads to the forest.


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