Missions form an important part of the gameplay and storyline in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky game.

All missions, whether compulsory or optional, will be displayed on the game mini-map, displayed on the players PDA map and entered in the players PDA log.

They come in two main types as follows:

1. Missions given to the player.
2. Missions acquired by the player.

Missions given to the playerEdit

These Missions are of various types and will often help to guide the player through the gameplay.

Main Missions (or Primary Missions)Edit

These are given to the player as the main objectives that will guide the player through the plot and storyline of the Clear Sky game. These missions will often have to be completed to proceed in the game.
See: Main Missions in Clear Sky

Side MissionsEdit

These are given to the player to gain reputation or to obtain rewards that will help the player. These missions are usually optional and do not have to be completed to proceed in the game. They are usually in the form of ‘help the stalkers defend a location’ or ‘help defend the stalkers from enemies’ type of mission.

Missions acquired by the player.Edit

These missions can be acquired by the player to help with gaining gear, rewards and reputation with factions.

Faction Wars MissionsEdit

These are given to the player when they join a faction. The player will have to complete these missions. The player is usually handsomely rewarded with some special gear and equipment when joining a faction.
See: Faction Wars

Optional Missions (or Quests)Edit

These missions can be obtained from NPC’s in the game, usually to obtain rewards and upgrades.
They come in various types as follows:
  • ‘You got any work for me?’
These missions are obtained from a Technician and require the player to find and return Flash Drives with special data. The player can do these missions so that the technicians are able to perform certain upgrades. The technicians will also pay a good price for the Flash Drives.
See: Technicians in Clear Sky
  • ‘How can I help you?’
These missions are obtained from NPC’s and require the player to usually ‘capture and hold a location’ or ‘return a special item’. The player will be rewarded in some way or gain reputation with the faction for completing these missions.
Note: some of these missions can only be obtained after the player has joined a certain faction.
  • ‘What can you offer me?’
These are not actual missions; they are the locations of stashes that the player can obtain. The player will have to pay the NPC’s for the stash info and location.
They can be obtained from the following NPC’s:
  • Barkeepers
  • Traders
  • Some important characters
See: Clear Sky Stashes by Location

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