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The Monolith Control Center (MCC for short, also known as the Secret Lab) is a secret lab in the depths of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, accessible to player in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Enemies Edit

The area is filled with Monolith soldiers, with 2 to 4 having a Gauss Gun. The normal soldiers normally carry the SPSA-14s, VLAs, Tunder S14s and GP37s, few of them also has FT-200m. There are no mutants.

The script files for the level point to the final squad of Monolith as being "Crystal"; The elite squad charged with the safety of the Monolith itself. These Monolithians must be killed before the door to the main control center opens.

Area Layout Edit

The MCC is a maze; there are many turns and small rooms, normally containing good items such as the SKAT-9M Military Armored Suit and the Exoskeleton. One "landmark" of it is a large door; once you see it, you know you are at the end of the labyrinth, and near the room with the hologram.

Notes Edit

If you choose to follow the "true" ending of the game, once you decline the hologram scientist, you will end up outside, in the middle of the carnage from the blowout and the Monolith. You'll encounter lots of Monolithians.

Another thing to note is that some of the Monolithians inside the labyrinth carry the FT-200m, which is the best overall 5.56 caliber weapon. Most Monolithians outdoors carry either a SGI-5k or a GP37, so expect a lot of 5.56 ammo. It is recommended that you keep the least damaged FT-200m you come upon - the one in perfect condition can only be found rarely; either inside a box in the MCC, inside a box in the Sarcophagus, or inside a box on the rooftops of the NPP. The spawns are random.


  • Though possibly an oversight by the developers or a coincidence, the scientist hologram's voice is eerily close to that of Lebedev's. It is unlikely, as it would be odd for it to take a "new" person into the program; however, Lebedev was at the CNPP when the third, large emission took place.
  • The door can be also opened without the Decoder, you will need to throw a weapon in the right part of it, forcing its opening (how to do:
  • Sometimes, the player will find that the door to the hologram is also closed (irrespective of whether access was obtained with or without the decoder previously). The same note above will also apply in these circumstances.
  • Pyrogeists will not spawn until the hologram projectors are damaged.
  • Should the player, against better judgment, actually enter the MCC hologram room and have the door shut afterwards; head for the central dais. The Pyrogeists will not attack the player whilst within the projector ring.
  • There is another locked door on the opposite side of the projector room which may be opened using a similar workaround to that mentioned above. Proceeding through this door, without attacking the projector array, leads to further walkways and shortly a set of stairs which transition to the warp game (which functions normally even though the player had no C-Consciousness confrontation) The only 'benefit' for the player by following this route would be not to score 50 quest points for solving "The Monolith's Secret"
  • The fastest method of dealing with the projectors, by far, is with a Knife.

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