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I have conveyed the will of the Monolith to his disciples...
- Monolith Fighter's PDA

The Monolith Master (Molitvennik / Молитвенник), while having a randomly generated name, is seemingly one of the figurehead leaders (the other being the Preachers) of the Monolith force in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Appearances Edit

Call of PripyatEdit

This particular expert can be found at the River Port in Pripyat, praying in a tower in the western building. This Monolith expert has a strange behavior in that he will completely ignore anything around him, meaning that one could shoot at him without him getting up to fight. He wears a Radiation suit, carries a Eliminator shotgun and a Black Kite as a sidearm, and also holds a PDA that reveals the location of two Monolith stashes and can be sold to Owl for 5000RU.

The Monolith Master usually makes an appearance in the final mission Evacuation, where he may take part in the firefight at the evac point. He is a little threat to the player due to the limited effective range of his weapon, however he may be a threat should he pick up an assault rifle dropped by a fallen Monolith fighter, as his outfit can absorb high amounts of damage. Should he survive the battle, he will simply return to prayer in the tower, where he will remain until killed.

After his death, Loners and Mercenaries will be able to explore the River Port.


  • The Fighter's PDA confirms that, while they are brainwashed, the Monolith are still capable of higher reasoning and even emotions, unlike Zombified stalkers. It is believed that even without the Common Consciousness, the Monolith itself still somehow guides them.