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Mutant hunter

"Mutant Hunter" icon.

You don't try to avoid dangerous mutants - you hunt them down and do it well. Good hunters are held in high esteem among stalkers.

Mutant Hunter is an Achievement earned for completing the Night Hunt quest in Call of Pripyat.


  • Daily, 5 magazines are added to the player's Yanov locker, randomly selected from the following list:
  • Chimeras will spawn at random during the night in Yanov, and occasionally Zaton.
  • Afterwards, Stalkers will follow the player's example and start hunting for mutants. If the player asks to come along with them, they'll refuse saying that they're better off working alone. This makes it harder to find an NPC who you can travel with for free, but the free ammo definitely makes up for it.

Earning the AchievementEdit

The quest is, despite the hint, earned only by completing Trapper's trio of mutant-hunting missions, which is precluded by destroying the Bloodsucker lair in Zaton (Bloodsucker Lair). The player does not need to hunt and kill the Chimera in Zaton (Hunting the Chimera) for this. Trapper's missions are as follows:


  • This achievement is necessary to earn the "Yanov safe-haven" ending. Ironically, gameplay-wise getting this achievement makes Yanov (and Zaton) more dangerous as it causes Chimeras, Bloodsuckers and Burers to spawn randomly.

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