Night Star
Artifact Night Star
General Characteristics
In-game code


Parent Anomaly



0.50 kg

Shadow of Chernobyl
Bulletproof Cap SOC Protect Icon Bull


Radiation SOC Protect Icon Rad A


Best Price

5000 RU - Sakharov

Clear Sky
Max Weight CSiconWeight

+10 kg

Radiation CSiconRada


Call of Pripyat
Weight Car. CoP WeightCap

+4 kg

Radiation CoP RadBad


Best Price

7200 RU Beard


The Night Star is an artifact that can be found in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit


This wonderful artifact is formed by the Springboard anomaly. The use of the artifact demands the neutralization of deadly radiation. Expensive and rare, this artifact is extremely interesting for scientific expeditions and other research activity in the Zone.
- In-game description

The Night star increases bullet protection by 5% and radiation by 5%. The Night star's effect is quite insignificant unless combined, and one could easily combine Night stars and an anti-radiation artifact.


This is a rare artifact. It is possible to find at least one of these artifacts on the edges of Agroprom, however these areas have very high radiation levels. Baldy will reward the player with this artifact after completing his mission Kill the traitor. Two can be found around the Monolith structure in the Palace of Culture, and more outside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.


The Night Star can be sold for 3250RU to regular traders, and 5000 to Sakharov.

Clear Sky Edit


This glowing artifact can create a local directed low-gravity field. Reduces the weight of backpacks when placed near them. Widely used to increase maximum load. Minutely assists stamina regeneration. Emits radiation.
- In-game description

The Night Star returns in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, increasing the maximum weight capacity by 10kg and giving a +1 in radiation. Considering this low amount, one could combine several Night stars to increase weight capacity, allowing the player to carry more gear.

Call of PripyatEdit


This glowing artifact can generate a local directed low-gravity field. Widely used by stalkers along with Gravi, a similar artifact, to increase maximum load. Emits radiation.
- In-game description

The Night Star returns in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, its weight effect having been reduced to +4kg, making the artifact far less effective, although the low amount of radiation make it somewhat effective to use with a single Jellyfish.


The Night Star is a default spawn in the Dredge Station in Zaton, and can be found in any gravitational anomaly cluster.

A Night Star can be looted from the body of a dead stalker in the basement of the Krug Antenna Complex, while exploring the building with Grouse during the Missing Stalkers mission. The body is behind a grate, beside the room containing the three bodies Grouse investigates.

Night Stars are sold by Beard once the player completes the Compass mission.

Gallery Edit

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