Nondescript chest
Nondescript chest

General Characteristics
Appears in

Shadow of Chernobyl

Stash type
  • Chest
Coordinates given by

Can come up empty.


Stuck the goodies in a nondescript chest. Will get them later
- PDA description

Nondescript chest is a stash located in the Dark Valley in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained by looting a corpse. The location of the stash is behind the building where the second Dutyer is held in the Bandit Base that Bullet's friend told you about.

Walkthrough Edit

Assuming you have cleared the base of Bandits, go into the large hanger doors and turn left. Go up the few steps and jump on the window ledge directly west of the stash. Crouch walk through the window and go to the far left (north) basement window to find the blue chest. To leave the area, you can use the stack of cement slabs and go back the way you came. On the north side of the stack, one slab sticks out enough for you to jump up on, then walk up to the top of the stack and crouch to get through the window.


  • Chest in a window well in the backyard, easy to approach, but not easy to find. Accessible from the office end of the base.
  • Stash may come up empty irrespective of reloads.


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