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A quest in which the player must find and kill the mutant known as Flesh and retrieve its eye. Go to the complex near the Garbage entrance, at the Cordon. There is a possibility that some stalkers will be fighting a group of Flesh. You can either help them or let them do the job, as the Flesh is a weak mutant, and shouldn't pose a serious threat. Afterwards, search the killed Flesh, as they may or may not have an eye you can take. Keep in mind that any Flesh can drop an eye, on any area.  The quest pays a small amount of Ru and usually gives a common artifact.

Note: The eye drops randomly, which means not every Flesh beast has it. But of course, you can kill any Flesh in any location. A good suggestion would be to kill the monsters and loot them for parts before taking the "Get a part of the monster body" quests. That would help you to avoid failing of the quest (this quest is timed, you have 1 day to get the part) and therefore you will have the part ready when you need it.

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