Old church
CS marsh church

Abandoned building


Great Swamp


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The Old church is one of the major locations in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Old Church is located half way between the Fishing hamlet and the Southern farmstead in the middle of the southern swamp area. It is one of the safer locations in the swamps, once it is secured by Clear Sky members.


In the northern part of the area there is a graveyard and a radiation patch extending to the hill northeast. A small building is situated in the south, which provides some cover. Almost in the center the church is located, with three doors facing north, west and south. There are several ways to the roof and the tower, from where one can have a fantastic view over the surrounding area.


The church is a strongpoint for the Renegades at first, but, possibly with the players aid, it comes under the control of Clear Sky.


Clear SkyEdit

The Old Church is one of the objectives of the faction wars in the Swamps.


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