Old stash

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type

Tree Stump


Garbage, north of train tunnel

Coordinates cost

Free diggers from Concentration camp, a.k.a. Vehicle graveyard


Upgraded Kora-919


Located within a Psy emission column.


Man, I was sure as hell I’d die here like a dog! I… I don’t even know how to thank you… Wait! I DO know how to thank you. I’m gonna upload the coordinates of a place me and the boys used to stash our loot before we were captured and sent here. My buddies won’t need it no more where they are now, may they rest in peace, and I’m getting the hell out of the Zone right this moment. I figure anywhere’s better than this place…
- ''PDA message''

Old stash is a stash located in the Garbage in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The Old stash coordinates are a gift from a loner whose being held at the Vehicle graveyard, which the Bandits are using as a concentration camp. You can either take out the Bandits on your own, or as the Attack Concentration Camp optional mission. Either way, you still get the stash.

Location Edit

Along the western edge of the Garbage, north of the train tunnel. The stash is inside a tree stump in the middle of a Psy emission column and Electro anomalies.

Notes Edit

There are also two artifacts of various types spawned from a Whirligig anomaly. The artifacts will usually roll down the hill if you have your detector out.

Gallery Edit

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