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Oleg "Fiend" Gusarov (Oleg "Demon" Gusarov / Олег "Демон" Гусаров) is a minor character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


He is a veteran Loner, who used to be a Spetsnaz black beret (Also known as the OMOH or the OMON, the Russian Special Purpose Police Unit) of the Biełocerkowskoj brigade, with numerous combat deployments under his belt. Has the rank of master sergeant.

A loner by nature, he is an excellent marksman and explosives expert. He has continuously rejected offers to join any of the stalker clans.[1]

Sidorovich claims that Oleg was forming a group of stalkers to take over the Cordon and control the smuggling operations there, which brought him to put a price on his head.[2]

He carries a unique weapon: a Sniper Obokan.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Oleg can be found in several places in the game world; He is mostly found wandering around Rostok. He is also sometimes found in the Garbage, at the Duty checkpoint or in the vehicle scrapyard. Dark Valley, where he can be found in the southern Stalker camp. Agroprom, where he can be found wandering in the northern complex. He can also sometimes be found in the Wild Territory and Yantar. He has the biggest chance of dying in the Garbage (fighting either bandits or pseudodogs) and in Agroprom (against the Spetsnaz).

Dealing with OlegEdit

If at the Bar, Oleg can sometime be shot at, in order to make him shoot at the player. By aiming his fire on another group of stalkers/Dutyers (hide behind them, but stand up), it will either attire their hostility against him, or he'll kill one and the others will avenge their fallen teammate. Oleg's friends (two to three well-equipped loners) will start a battle with the group, and sometime more than one stalker/Dutyer pack is necessary to kill all the hostile stalkers. This way, some great loot can be simply taken from the floor and corpses, and stalkers that have been taken into battle won't become hostile to the player. Some stalkers may cause a crash if they are killed this way (as Sergeant Kitsenko or the Arena referee, Arnie) but there is way enough NPC in this zone. This is a great idea to make Oleg kill Barin in front of duty members, but you sure should save before giving it a try, as Oleg carries a unique powerful weapon. Directly killing him requires a perfectly silenced weapon, such as the Vintar, and absolutely no witnesses, but there is still a chance that Oleg's friend and some Dutyers will become openly hostile to the player.

Usually, though, before player makes it to the 100 Rads, Gusarov will leave Bar area. Mostly he goes to Wild Territory area and there he helps Duty in fighting off bandits and mercenaries occupying this place and there is a chance he will be killed in shootout. If he survives, he can still be killed by player without any objections from Duty stalkers.

Quite rarely, Gusarov takes another direction and goes to the Garbage area in order to get to the Bes' camp, where he usually finds end of his journey in jaws of pseudodogs roaming nearby, sometimes even letting player make a great improvement over usual Viper 5 by giving away his Sniper Obokan, if Oleg was quick enough to get there.


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