For a similarly named item, see A PDA with a map of the Red Forest.
PDA with a map of the Red Forest
Cop pda
General Characteristics
In-game code




This PDA has a map of the Red Forest, which shows the anomalous area and the space anomaly on it. It seems that the anomaly can transfer you to where Forester lives.
- In-game description
The PDA with a map of the Red Forest is a mission item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This PDA contains a detailed map of the Red Forest, and is requested as part of the main storyline after the player fails to catch Strelok. The PDA can be found in the body of a stalker not far from the bridge, and indicates where the Space Anomaly leading to Forester can be found.

This item can be sold to the trader inside the mine shaft (southwest of Forester) for 2000RU.

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