General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly



0.50 kg

Shadow of Chernobyl
Chemical Burn SOC Protect Icon Chem


Best Price

5000 RU Sakharov


4-5 of them enable healing and suit repair in Fruit Punch.


The Pellicle is an artifact that is exclusively found in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Description Edit

This artifact is so rare that many researchers can't even imagine that such a substance can exist in a natural setting. Emits acidic chemical components.

Overview Edit

A rare semi-transparent artifact with hues of yellow, green and brown created in Lift anomalies. According to Professor Sakharov, this was the first artifact the Ecologists created in laboratory conditions.

Gameplay characteristics Edit

Wearing four or five Pellicle artifacts at once will cause Fruit Punch anomalies to heal the player and repair his suit.

Acquisition Edit

  1. This artifact is very rare, but one can be found in the same tunnel where the Family Rifle and Big Ben are located at the Wild Territory – it is in one of the electro anomalies there, and due to its nearly transparent nature, can be very hard to see.
  2. Another may be given to the player as a reward for the optional mission Bring the Fireball artifact provided by Sakharov (can be gained from Sakharov more than once, leave Yantar for a while and come back, this can also be done for a SEVA suit).
  3. A stash designed as Secret stash of the scientist, found in Yantar contains the Pellicle as well.

Pricing Edit

The player can sell it for 3250 RU. Sakharov gives 5000 RU.

Notes Edit

  • The Lift anomaly, which creates this type of artifact was cut from the game.


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