Pipe under UAZ car

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Limansk, southeast of Bridge outpost

Coordinates given by



5.56x45mm AP x 180
anti-rad x 2
M209 Grenade x 3


A sack with some crap in it was sticking out from under a UAZ car. I had no time to check it out, but I might later - if I'm still alive.
- ''PDA message''

Pipe under UAZ car is a stash located in Limansk in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained by looting a corpse. The location of the stash is southeast of the Bridge outpost, east of the bridge on the north side of the canal.


  • Clear the area of Spetsnaz before attempting to explore the area or loot any corpses.
  • The water is radioactive.

Gallery Edit

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