Poor guy's backpack

In-game PDA map location

General Characteristics
Appears in

Clear Sky

Stash type



Red Forest, south of the northern gate

Coordinates given by

Tolik White - see Notes

Coordinates cost



Scientific medkit x 2
Anti-rad x 2


Electro anomaly


This poor bastard was bringing me a backpack through the Red Forest, but he never made it. If you find it, it's all yours.
- ''PDA message''

Poor guy's backpack is a stash located in the Red Forest in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are purchased from Tolik White (see Notes). The location of the stash is in the western half of the forest, south of the northern gate and east of the bridge to Limansk. The stash is protected by an Electro anomaly, high levels of Radiation, and a Bloodsucker.

Walkthrough Edit

Starting from the path, find the tree stump southwest of the stash with two boulders and a fallen tree just beyond. There are three corpse in a V shape with the stash just past the corpse on the left. Walk straight for the middle corpse, i.e., bottom of the V, going over the boulders and log, and then in between the two large trees. Loot the middle corpse, then the corpse on the left, and then go straight to the stash. Now to the third corpse for more loot. To get out of the Radiation and avoid the anomaly, either go back to the stash, to the middle corpse and head southwest, or to the tree west of where you are, then to the next tree northwest of it and keep going in that direction until the radiation drops.

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