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Abandoned city / Ruins

Notable locations



SHOC Military Military
Monolith Patch Monolith
SCS Mercs Mercenaries
SCS Loners Loners
Dolg Patch Duty
SCS Freedom Freedom

Other characters




  • SCS LonersVano (present if recruited and survives the way)
  • SCS LonersGarry



  • Dolg PatchZulu (Present if recruited and survives the way).
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Pripyat is a location featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


Pripyat or Prypiat is a city that used to be for the engineers (and their families) working at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was evacuated after the incident in 1986, leaving a ghost town in its place.

When the Zone appeared in 2006, it became an unreachable area because of the Brain Scorcher, blocking access to the center of the Zone. In 2011, the Monolith faction marched through the Brain Scorcher to Pripyat and beyond. As a result, Pripyat became heavily populated with Monolith members as well as very dangerous mutants.

Shadow of ChernobylEdit

Pripyat is the second-last level in the game, if one counts the Sarcophagus and Chernobyl rooftops as part of Chernobyl NPP. The city is nearly entirely under Monolith control, with Charon leading the defense from the Monolith headquarters in the centre of the city. The player is tasked with joining a team of expert Loners in pushing their way through the city, but they're also given a chance to explore, where they may find and encounter Duty experts, Freedom experts and Spetsnaz therefore Military Stalkers making headway into the city. Marked One is the only known Stalker to break through Pripyat at this time, reaching the center of the Zone while everyone else is pushed out of Pripyat by the Monolith.

Notable LocationsEdit

Ferris WheelEdit

Pripyat Wheel

The famous Pripyat ferris wheel. (SoC)

Originally, the ferris wheel in Pripyat funfair was to be opened on May 1, 5 days after the explosion in Chernobyl NPP's reactor 4. Pripyat was evacuated two days after the explosion, leaving the ferris wheel untouched. It remains standing tall in the ghost town of Pripyat, although now riddled with electro anomalies in nearly every gondola as well as the boarding platform.

In the real world, the ferris wheel in Pripyat continues to be one of the most irradiated parts of the city, containing dangerous levels of radiation even today.


The Pripyat sports stadium has been converted into what resembles a battlefield, filled with various anomalies as well as both mutants, animals and Monolithians.


The Hotel is the location of the Decoder, and other contents in the stash (such as a Skat-9M military armoured suit) belonging to Strelok's Group. The stash is in a locked room with barred windows on the outside, which can be opened only if the Marked One met Guide and Doctor. However, one known strategy to get the Decoder without meeting Doctor is to throw grenades through the barred windows on the outside of the Hotel, which will eventually knock the decoder outside. Monolith fighters may also be found in the Hotel.

Palace of CultureEdit

The Pripyat Palace of Culture has been converted into the headquarter for the Monolith. Charon can be found at this location commanding the defense of the city. The main entrance is protected by several troops and snipers on the balcony covering the square. The building has many corridors where deadly close-quarter combat will take place. A Monolith statue can be found at the back of the building with several soldiers praying around it. Beneath the statue is a bunker with a living quarters possibly for Charon since he can be found there.


  • It's not a bad idea to take two stocks of weapon you will use in the Pripyat and CNPP (unless it's some kind of special and/or hard-to-obtain weapon like Sniper TRs 301 or SVDm2 so when you will damage one, you will still have second weapon as backup.
  • When entering Pripyat, follow the loner squad as normal through the streets and help them clear out the underground car park, but do not emerge from the other side. Instead, once the underground car park is safe, backtrack almost to the beginning. Look to your right as you go down the first straight part you've been through when you entered the level and when you see a space between two buildings that is not blocked go into it and turn right again. if you follow this street you will come to the department store where the stash "supplies of the leader of Freedom" is located. Go through the department store and kill the two or three military stalkers who are shooting at the Freedom fighters there (and, if you elected to make an enemy of Freedom, kill them as well) and stand on the balcony in front of the store. If you have a sniper rifle or an assault rifle with a good scope , aim at the building slightly to your right. At the top there is usually a Monolithian with an RPG; shoot him. This will save you a lot of trouble later on.
  • Whether you go the route previously described or you go through the car park, you should make your best effort to clean out the Monolith HQ; it will make your life much easier, especially if you intend to go to the hotel stash or if you just like to explore the city. In any case, there is a building directly in front of the north exit of the car park. On top of it is a Monolithian sniper with a Gauss gun. If you elected not to go through the car park, you can take him by surprise by carefully backing up from this building until you can see part of him and not just his gun. Shoot until the rifle falls to the ground; it will usually be in excellent condition, sometimes even with a full clip. It will come in very handy later in the game, so pick it up.
  • Something you should actually do before you go to Pripyat is try to acquire a sniper rifle of some sort (the real Dragunov is the better choice, as it is more accurate than the SVUmk-2) and as much ammo as possible; you WILL need it.
  • Whenever possible, stick to groups of neutral or friendly NPCs such as Duty squads or groups of Freedom fighters. This way the other members of this group will draw some of the enemy fire and they will be shooting as well, which will better preserve your ammunition supplies and the condition of your gun, both of which you will need later when you are alone at the CNPP.

Call of PripyatEdit


Pripyat is the final level of Call of Pripyat, also the smallest outdoor area the player has to explore. It is a different part of Pripyat compared to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Unlike the previous two levels, the population and the happenings inside Pripyat are mostly static—aside from scripted events, the Military and Monolith rarely interact, and other factions are still wary of and unable to reach the city after the emission that occurred near the ending of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Monolith presence is no longer as all-encompassing as it used to be, leaving the city largely up to the player to explore—however, without their influence much of the city is laid to waste by powerful mutants.

This area of the game is dramatically different based on the choices the player makes prior to this point. The player's previous actions determine how many, and what type of stalkers make their way to the city. Loners will take over the Laundromat, while Mercenaries will patrol the city, especially if Jackal survives.

The Monolithians have another headquarters in this new part of Pripyat, centering themselves at first atop the X8 Lab, and then inside the Prometheus Cinema and the River Port.

Notable LocationsEdit




Main article: Laundromat

The outpost of the military led by Colonel Kovalsky. Situated in the south of Pripyat, this is a safe place where repairs, medical supplies, ammunition and storage are available. Almost all of the missions in Pripyat are received from here.

After the surviving military members evacuate, Loners will occupy this building.

This is where the guide Garry and Freedom member Yar (following the final mission) reside in this building.

Apartment ComplexEdit

Apartment Complex

A block of two tall apartments with a kitchen facility and central square between them. The complex is the meeting point between Jackal and Serbin in the mission One shot.

Book StoreEdit

Book Store

Book Store.

A small book store on the south-western side of Pripyat. It is inhabited by a squad of Monolith fighters, which the player must clear from the building in the mission Shattering the Monolith. In the back room of the store there is a Monolith Aerial that was used for receiving messages from their leaders, the Common Consciousness, with several fighters surrounding it in a trance like state.

Department StoreEdit

Department Store

The Department Store.

The department store is an important place, as it is one of two buildings in Pripyat that contains the valuable calibration tools. The store is frequently surrounded by Blind Dogs, and the maze-like interior is infested with Rodents. In the basement of the building one can find the calibration kit on a table, and in a separate adjoining basement a cleverly concealed RPG-7u on a beam. There is also an access point to the department store basement anomaly, which is covered in more detail below.

Grocery StoreEdit

Grocery Store

Grocery Store.

A small shop on the west side of the city. It is the focus of the mission in which the player must find a military sentinel that went M.I.A., and confront a controller that appears from one of the back rooms of the building. There is little of value here but within the basement of the store, it contains a rare RPG-7u.




The Hospital is a large building with two wings separated by a courtyard. The mission Mysterious Weapons in which the Gauss rifle is acquired from a Monolith squad takes place here, resulting in a shoot-out with the enemy over the central courtyard. Although it is a large building, very little of it is accessible to the player. The hospital is a fixed spawn for a Chimera, which will spawn either in the eastern building or in the courtyard.


'Sunny' Kindergarten

'Sunny' Kindergarten, as seen with the psi field affecting vision.

This building is inaccessible until the player is sent by Colonel Kovalsky to investigate a communications jammer. Explosives acquired earlier in the mission are used to blast through a door on the north-western side. It contains two poltergeists, and the building is filled with a psi field that hurts the player. There is a stash of gauss rifle batteries and a few army medkits behind some large boxes on the second floor. The Poltergeists will not re-appear when killed, and the psi field will disappear once the player destroys the communications jammer.



The School, Zulu can be found at the bottom of the broken section.

A large building located in the central part of the map. Before the final mission, it is possible to find there Zulu, being attacked by a large group of Snorks. If the player rescues him, he will reward him with his unique machine gun. During freeplay, Zombified Stalkers, Mercenaries and Loners are often found in the building. A gravitational anomaly is found in the ruined south-eastern part of the building.

Yubileiny Service CenterEdit

'Jubilee' Service Centre

Jubilee Service Center.

A large building containing the hidden entrance to Lab X-8. The player is sent here as part of a quest to find documents about the Gauss gun. The Center is a maze-like building with multiple staircases that must be used in order to get to the rooftop and find the elevator generator. An electrical anomaly is found on the roof. On the first trip to the center, large amounts of zombified stalkers and Monolith stalkers are found in the building. During freeplay, zombified stalkers, mercenaries, and occasionally Loners can be found patrolling the building.

Old Service CenterEdit

Old Service Centre

Old Service Centre.

Located in the northern part of the city, this building contains a valuable calibration kit, which is guarded by a Burer on the second floor. On a shelf next to the calibration kit,there is a large stash containing: 200 rounds of PKM ammo; 180 rounds of 5.45x39 AP ammo; an RPG round; 2 gauss batteries and a Pmm. The building hosts an electrical anomaly, which is covered in later sections.

Prometheus Movie TheaterEdit

Prometheus Cinema

Prometheus Cinema.

A ruined building located at the top part of the city. Three Monolithians are usually found here, although they will be often replaced by mercenaries, Loners, or even mutants. Nothing valuable can be found here, although the theater can be used as a shelter during emissions.

River PortEdit

River Port

River Port. The Monolith Fighter is found in the tower in the background.

The port is located in the north-eastern part of the map, on the opposite side of the square from the Prometheus cinema. There are a large number of Monolith troops and zombies here, including the dangerous Monolith Fighter, normally found praying in the tallest tower of the building. . Taking his PDA reveals two stashes of gauss rifle batteries and army medkits in the area. One is in the tower on the north side of the port, and the other is on the the roof on the south side of the buildings.

Anomaly FieldsEdit

Volcano AnomalyEdit

Volcano Anomaly

Volcano Anomaly

Situated in a basketball court on the west side of Pripyat, the volcano is a crater filled with various types of burner anomalies. There are tightly grouped clusters of static burners, and several moblie anomalies that shoot up and down, hence the name 'Volcano'. Oddly, there is no ambient heat inside the anomaly, meaning that one can advance slowly and carefully without receiving damage. Fire-based artifacts spawn here, and a flame can usually be found near the center of the crater. Mercenaries and zombies are often found around the area.

Department Store BasementEdit

Department Store Basement

Department Store Basement Anomaly

This anomaly is accessible from the lowest point in the department store (near the calibration tools), or a manhole concealed in a clump of bushes on the north side of the apartment building behind the store. It consists of two levels, separated by a metal grate. The lower level is filled with chemical anomalies, which are unusually easy to see; they appear similar to the fruit punch anomalies in earlier games. The top level contains a roaming burner anomaly that moves up and down the tunnel. Chemical artifacts spawn here, and bubble appears quite often. It should be noted that the artifacts seem to only spawn on the lower level, meaning that there is little need to traverse the extremely dangerous top level.

Roof of Yubileiny Service CentreEdit

Rooftop anomaly

The roof of this building is covered with static electro anomalies. It is worth visiting here when activating the generator to access lab X-8, as the rare artifact snowflake is a fixed spawn here, and other electric-based artifacts may appear also. There is no radiation here, so there is no need to rush through the anomaly.

Vine AnomalyEdit

Mutated Vine Anomaly

Vine Anomaly. Climb to the top of the apartment on the left.

An interesting chemical anomaly and climbing challenge can be found in the north-eastern part of Pripyat. On the ground, there is a crater (which normally contains the artifacts) surrounded by standard chemical anomalies. Long, twisted vines stretch between two apartment blocks, and a moving gas anomaly travels up and down them. It is possible to climb the vines, and reach the north-western apartment complex, to find here a stash containing medical supplies, along with an RP-74 and ammo for it. While climbing the vines, the player must be careful not to fall, due to the vines being rather narrow, and also must pay attention to the gas cloud that will deal serious damage to the player if he hasn't a sufficient chemical protection (although the player can simply run through the cloud, which should deal minimal damage). Chemical artifacts will spawn in the crater, while a rare artifact such as a Firefly can be found in the apartment.


Annotated School Anomaly

The School Anomaly. Annotated to show invisible anomaly location

The Anomaly at the school is a purely gravitational cluster in the ruined south-eastern side of the building, covering the second and third floors. There is a very tightly packed cluster of springboards, and a whirligig floating just above them. Throw a bolt into the whirligig, then toss one into the springboard cluster, and jump through to the other side. Care should be taken when visiting the area for the first time, as Zulu, assuming he survived the Pripyat Underground, will be fighting a large horde of dangerous snorks below the anomaly. Gravitational artifacts usually spawn on the third floor, and the rare Goldfish can often be found here.

Old Service CenterEdit

Old Service Center anomaly

The inside of the Center, which contains multiple electro anomaies

The Old Service Center in northern Pripyat hosts a large field of electro anomalies, similar to the Iron Forest anomaly from Zaton. Most of the anomalies found in the building are located at the ground floor, although a small amount is found at the top floor, which could make the use of a Svarog detector rather confusing. Electric-based artifacts may spawn there, although they do not seem to respawn once collected. Unlike the Yubileiny Service Center rooftop, the anomaly is radioactive.


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