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Private Grischuk is a rookie deserter from the State Security Service who can be encountered in Shadow of Chernobyl.


Private Grischuk claims to have fled from the Agroprom Underground after his team was ambushed by mutants. He somehow managed to flee to an isolated and abandoned trailer in a lake around the Agroprom. He then stays there, fearing for his life. Eventually, the Marked One hears his pleas for mercy and investigates.


He can be found in Shadow of Chernobyl. Unlike the other aggressive members of the military, he is neutral and will not attack the player. Upon being interacted with, Private Grischuk tells his story. He has ran away from his patrol and does not want to be found by the State Security Service as Grischuk believes he will be shot for deserting his company.

Understandably, he wants to leave the zone via means of a car. However, his captain took a functioning vehcile that was being repaired by Grischuk and drove it someplace where it wouldn't be found. He now plans to get it back and escape.


He is the main focus in the quest Kill the soldier in which Grischuk must be killed.

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