Protect the Border

Mission comes from Lukash

Quest type
  • Camp Defense
Given by
  • Reputation increase: unknown
  • Relation increase: Freedom, unknown
Time limit
  • 1 day

Here come the monsters from the side of the Scorcher. Help the guys at the border hold them off. I guarantee a reward.
- Lukash

Protect the Border is a side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission PrerequisiteEdit

You must accept the Assist at Freedom's Barrier outpost mission to obtain this particular side mission. Simply approach The Barrier and receive the prerequisite mission from Cap, which is a one-time mission. You are given the Protect the Border notification as soon as success or failure (Cap dies) is determined.


The mission consists of fighting off a wave of mutants and is repeatable (see the #Notes section below regarding repetition). Therefore, a Chaser 13 or a SPSA-14 and lots of buckshot ammo are recommended, as well as hanging a Slug or other artifact on your belt to stop any bleeding. The type of mutants you encounter vary, but generally there are one-to-three Bloodsuckers, a pack of Blind dogs, and a herd of Fleshes. On rare occasions you may encounter Grey Pseudodogs, Boars, and Controllers. Although it may seem that the Freedomers stand no chance, they easily overpower the Bloodsuckers, sometimes at the expense of a man. The other mutants may run off and you need to chase them down and kill them to complete the mission. However, Freedomers are no match for a Controller. While a Controller's attacks, Bloodsuckers and Pseudodogs are able to attack Freedomers relentlessly. Since you can usually take out a Controller quickly with one or two grenades, it is recommended to attack them first.


  • An Urchin.
  • An additional 5000 RU if you have joined Freedom.
  • Since the Freedomers stand a better chance of surviving a mutant attack than a Monolith strike, you may have few corpse to loot. But there is the possibility of finding some Bloodsucker tentacles and stash coordinates.


  • There may be long waits at the Barrier between receiving the mission and the actual attack.
  • The mission is only issued once per day.
  • Once the mission has been successfully completed, subsequent completions are far easier; simply running into and out of Army Warehouses is often sufficient (compare with this mission from Barkeep).
  • The mission may expire several times before the first satisfactory conclusion, but renews on subsequent visits to Army Warehouses.
  • Satisfactory conclusion and reward collection triggers the Protect the stalkers at Agroprom optional mission (which itself frequently completes if player simply leaves Army Warehouses).

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