Protect the stalkers at Agroprom
SHOC Lukash
Quest type

Protect camp

Given by



Stalker camp in middle of Army Warehouses




Protect the stalkers at Agroprom is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

There's a group of stalkers, they live at the Agroprom. Average guys, they understand that the Zone is a place of freedom, that laws don't apply here and you just have to live right, based on your own morals. And now they're thinking about maybe joining us. Yeah, help them fight off the bandits? And we'll send you some ammo.
- Lukash

Acquiring the mission Edit

You may get it automatically when you visit the Army Warehouses. It is often automatically given immediately after completing the Freedom Protect the Border mission.

Completing the mission Edit

It doesn't take place at Agroprom but in Army Warehouses, the Stalkers are not attacked by Bandits but by Mercenaries, and the reward is not ammo but a Crystal. Other than that, it's a typical "defend camp" mission.

The Mercenary squad appears in the wooden farmstead along the western fork in the road that leads to the Mercenary camp, they can be intercepted here and killed without the Loners ever being at risk of being killed.

Reward Edit

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