Purge the Lair of the Snorks
SCS Snork
Quest type

Eliminate mutants

Given by

Professor Sakharov


Kill all the snorks at Lake Yantar (Behind the lab)

Time limit

1 day


Purge the Lair of the Snorks is given to you by Professor Sakharov, who is inside of the Yantar Bunker.


The Lair of Snorks you are told to eliminate is located in scenic, Lake Yantar. Killing Snorks is most easily done with a shotgun with an aim at the head, if it is available, anything that can hit it in the head at a distance is good. When they leap, you can quickly dodge or duck as low as possible. The battle can be dangerous at Lake Yantar, because of the slowing effect of the water, which can give it enough of a chance to jump you or run up and attack you. Close combat should be avoided, but 2-3 knife attacks on the back, or one to the head is sufficient to kill one at full health. For further information check the Snork section of the wiki. Alternate techniques tend to center on sniping the snorks from range, especially if the lake has become infested with Zombified Stalkers.



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