Radioprotectant Small
General Characteristics
In-game code



Consumable / Drug


0.01 kg

Call of Pripyat
  • Price: 300 RU
  • CoP RadGood +150
  • CoP Duration 60 sec.
B190 Indraline radioprotectant, included in medkits, issued to nuclear power plant personnel. Used in the Zone instead of the excessively toxic PC1 cystamine hydrochloride, repeated use of which often caused death. Reduces the effects of gamma radiation on live tissue. Best consumed before exposure, as effects are not instant. The effects of the drug are long-lasting.
- In-game description

Radioprotectant is a type of medicine appearing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

Overview Edit

Radioprotectant is a drug introduced in Call of Pripyat. This item gives a significant boost to the user's radiation protection. However, unlike the more common anti-rad, this item does not purge radiation accumulated by the player. The protection boost means that the player will accumulate far less radiations when exposed to irradiated areas, which means that the player can usually cross through ambient radiations without having to use anti-rads. However, this item does not protect the player against radiation induced by artifacts.

Acquisition Edit

It can be bought from Bonesetter, Hermann, Owl and Tremor. On occasions, it can be found on dead stalkers. Some stashes are known to contain radioprotectant.

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