Radiowave Institute


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Monolith Patch Monolith
SCS Clear Sky Clear Sky


Clear Sky squad leader

...the town kinda made your head hurt...must have been the antenna.
- Forester

The Radiowave Institute is one major location in Limansk in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Radiowave Institute is the scene of yet another battle with Monolith. They have a sniper in the tower and an electrified fence keeping you and your Clear Sky buddies out. The mission is for you to cut the power to the fence so Clear Sky can advance.


The Radiowave Institute is a three story building with a sign over the front entrance that reads, "Cancer Research Institute". There's a large paved space in front of the building with a small pond. A second-floor walkway in the back of the building connects it another large building with no windows on the ground floor.


Monolith has a sniper in the tower, two guys on the second story ledge, and two more on the ground. After you turn the power off, Clear Sky moves in with two or three squads.


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