Reach the hole

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Southeast of the Agroprom Research Institute


General, did someone really sign up to go down into those pits?
- Sergeant Cheersov

Reach the hole is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to the leader of Duty task to receive the Reach the hole mission.


Once again, Scar is faced with a favor for a favor and must agree to flood a portion of the Agroprom Underground as payment for Krylov's help.

Mission: Reach the holeEdit

Sergeant Cheersov leads a squad that stands guard over a hole the Mutants are using to come and go from the Agroprom Underground. As you approach the sergeant, someone yells a warning that Mutants are coming out of the hole. It's about this time that the Reach the hole mission is complete and a new task displays: Descend into the Agroprom underground. But first, the Mutants.

A few Snorks leap out of the hole and attack the Duty squad. If Sergeant Cheersov survives, talk to him to receive a SPSA-14 shotgun and 30 rounds of 12x70 Buckshot. If the sergeant doesn't make it, grab the ammo and, if you don't have a Chaser 13 by now, the shotgun, too.

Mission: Descend into the Agroprom undergroundEdit

With the Snorks out of the way, you can walk into the hole until the dialog asks you if you're ready to go to the next level. When you spawn in the underground, the Descend into the Agroprom underground mission is complete and a new task displays: Flood the underground.

Mission: Flood the undergroundEdit

A message from Krylov warns you of more Mutants ahead. As you make your way through the hole in the wall and turn to the right, another Snork comes out to greet you. Don't take to long putting it down, because the pipes start leaking fire to add to the drama. More Snorks come out one by one until you reach the ladder and climb up.

At the top of the ladder is some ammo on the shelf and a medkit in the wooden box. As you approach the door in the northwest corner of the room, another task displays: Destroy the mutants, which overlaps this mission.

Mission: Destroy the mutantsEdit

The next room has four round tanks with a pumping station in the middle. When you enter the room, a gate closes behind you. On the other side of the pumping station is a Controller. One strategy is to sprint toward the Controller and shoot it in the head with a shotgun. As long as you keep shooting, and you're close enough, the Controller can't launch any psychic bolts at you (just beware of its claws). When the Controller is dead, the Destroy the mutants mission is over and you can resume the Flood the underground task.

Mission: Flood the underground, continuedEdit

The control unit that you need is at the opposite end of the room from where you came in. Go through the open gate and to the valve. When you hit action, a timer starts and a gate to the right starts to open. The Reach the hole mission is complete and a new task displays: Leave the flooded area.

Mission: Leave the flooded areaEdit

When the gate goes up you need to go across the next room, down a spiral staircase, left down a curved hallway against the rush of rodents, and up another ladder before time runs out. However, you have time to break the wooden box to the left of the gate, and the stack in the hall at the bottom of the stairs. There's another box in the first room, but it's usually empty, as are the metal boxes and the backpack next to the corpse. Also, if you stay along the left wall of the curved hallway, you can avoid most of the rodents. When you near the top of the ladder, the screen goes black and comes back with you in a small room near some stairs. The Reach the hole mission is complete and the Find the stalker group's stash displays again, along with another task, Receive the reward from Krylov, which is 1000 RUs.

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