Reach the power plant

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Primary Mission

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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant


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Everyone here just went crazy when they found out!...The one who gets there first will get everything!
- Barkeep

Reach the power plant is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Turn off the Brain Scorcher task and go to Pripyat to receive the Reach the power plant mission.


You've turned off the Brain Scorcher and, following Barkeep's advice, you set out to meet up with some Loners in Pripyat. When you transition to Pripyat, you receive the Reach the power plant' mission, which might be considered a sub-task of Wish granter as it consists of missions you must do in order to fulfill the first mission of Wish granter and takes you from the Red Forest, through Pripyat, and to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (CNPP).

Mission: Meet the group of stalkersEdit

When you spawn in Pripyat, you hear one of the Loners giving orders. When he finishes this mission is complete.

Mission: Follow the group of stalkersEdit

The leader of the group invites you to join them as they make there way to the station. You fight your way down a boulevard and to an underground car park. When you clear the area, this mission is complete.

Mission: Find the path to the Chernobyl NPPEdit

The group leader calls you over to thank you and describes the area (if he survived the trip). It sounds like they plan to rest, so you're on your own to pick up that Secret stash in Pripyat. Then, continue north toward the Stadium and keep a look out for Monlith as their headquarters are nearby. When you reach the front entrance of the Stadium, a cut scene plays of the field, this mission is complete, and you are transitioned to the next level: Chernobyl NPP.

Mission: Find the entrance to the sarcophagusEdit

You spawn outside the power plant with the Military and Monolith fighting it out, which means it's all of them against you. The biggest challenge of this mission is avoiding the rockets from the helicopters. One strategy is to move to the east road, and maybe over the short wall, and go north until you reach the train. Then west and stay along the south wall of the power plant, using the various structures as cover.

At some point, there's a trembling and a timer starts to inform you that a blowout is about to occur. As you continue west, you'll come to a large open door with train tracks leading into the building. When you enter the door, this mission is complete.

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