Recover the weapon of the Dutyer
Quest type

Item retrieval

Given by



Storming Obokan

Time limit

7 days


Recover the weapon of the Dutyer is an optional quest featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

"Shouldn't have freaked out like that. How the zone messes with your head. Thought I had good nerves, never afraid of anything, and here this. This howling in the ears. Everything was going as usual. There was a scouting expedition to the Dark Valley, we got down into the trench with Krivoi to cover the rest of the group, and then once I heard the howling, I was gripped by fear. Damn, I don't even remember how I got to the coordinate. When I returned to the base, Voronin almost shot me on the spot: he had just given me an enhanced cannon, for good service, so to speak. And here...I paniced and took off so fast that I left the cannon there. Could you bring it back for me, else where will I go now without a decent weapon."

Acquiring the mission Edit

The quest is given by stalker called Brome, who is located in Bar 100 Rads in Rostok.

Completing the mission Edit

In order to complete the given quest, player must kill bandit named Friar, recover his weapon, Storming Obokan, and return it to Brome. Friar has tendency to ocasionally travel between Dark Valley and Agroprom.

Reward Edit

After completing the quest player will be rewarded by increased reputation and Slug artifact from Brome.

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