Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps

In-game PDA map location

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Primary Mission

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Great Swamp


Main mission continuation


After the Emission, a whole army of all kinds of scum turned up in the area. Now they control almost everything. We are under siege and I'm not exaggerating one bit.
- Lebedev

Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Go to the great Swamps with the guide task to receive the Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps mission.


The Great Swamp has been overrun by Renegades that are about to kick Clear Sky out of the area. Not that Scar cares, but he can't advance to the Cordon until the Renegades are put down.

Mission Edit

The starting point of the mission is in the southeast corner of the Great Swamp, not far from the outpost you were at during the last emission. If you haven't started receiving more tasks yet, you will very soon. Clear Sky has launched an all-out attack on several key points of the map. It really doesn't matter which task you choose, but you are closest to the Gravel pit and Pump station.

If you take Lebedev's advise and go straight to the Fishing hamlet, you'll miss most of the action. Which means you'll miss out on looting corpses and collecting stashes from the fallen. The next-to-last task is called, "Capture the northeast farm," but the target on your PDA map is located at the Machine yard. If you take the yard by yourself, you have to wait for reinforcements. The last task, "Capture the approaches to the paths to the outside world" refers to the Southern farmstead. Even if this point is taken before the Machine yard, the task remains until Lebedev gives the all clear. The Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps mission is complete and a new task displays: Capture the approaches to the paths to the outside world.


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