Reinforced Suit
In-game code


Shadow of Chernobyl
Impact SOC Protect Icon Imp


Rupture SOC Protect Icon Rupt


Explosion SOC Protect Icon Expl


Firearms SOC Protect Icon Bull


Burn SOC Protect Icon Fire


Chem. Burn SOC Protect Icon Chem


Electric Shock SOC Protect Icon Elec


Radiation SOC Protect Icon Rad


Night Vision



5 kg.

There is chain mail sown into the lining of the coat, which raises the level of protection against firearm attack and monster bites. A PNV is also included in the set.
- In-game description

The Reinforced suit is a unique variant of the Mercenary suit featured only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Characteristics Edit

A standard issue Mercenary outfit that has been upgraded with chainmail directly sewn into the plating. Extra protection from knives, scratches, and cuts. Unlike the regular Mercenary suit, the Reinforced Suit comes with basic night-vision. It offers a whopping 60% protection value from rupture damage, which is twice that of the standard suit.


This variant of the Mercenary armor can only be found in two locations - a rare stash inside the Wild Territory known as Chest in the Crane, and a stash in the Garbage, known as Grizzly's Things. However the player has a better chance of getting a Mercenary suit instead, as getting one is quite rare. The coordinates for the Armor in the Wild Territory can be retrieved from any Mercenary corpse in the area, but the odds of getting it are very low. It is very likely that one will have a better suit already.


  • The description states that this suit provides better protection from rupture and bullets, but the suit itself has the same bulletproof cap as an ordinary mercenary suit.

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