People, this is the commander of the neutral squad. We've kicked the bandits out of the derilict machinery scrapyard. Expecting counterattack. We're low on numbers, so everyone's welcome to give us a helping hand.
- Bes
Repel the bandit raid
Quest type

Squad elimination

Given by



Vasya Boar, bandit squad


2000 RU


Repel the bandit raid is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.


Talk to Bes.

Destroy the bandit raid.

Talk to Bes.

Acquiring the missionEdit

This mission is given by Bes, residing in the vehicle graveyard at the Garbage, who gives the player a transmission after he saves, or fail to save Yurik. Bes and two other men, one keeping a lookout, or three if Yurik was not killed.

Completing the mission Edit

In order to complete the mission, the bandit raid coming from the west must be repeled. The bandit squad is consisting of 5-6 Rookie bandits equipped with PMm pistols and shotguns. The squad is lead by Vasya Boar, who is equipped with Viper 5 sub-machine gun.

Once the mission is taken, the player should follow Bes to help keep him alive, so he can receive the reward. There is a building to the left of the road entrance containing ammo. An accurate weapon is very useful here, due to the fact that a bandit and his buddies would probably kill the player before he got close to him. The stalkers other than Bes don't really matter if they die.

Another option is to run ahead of the Loner group and get in the westernmost red bus by the north fence. Ignore Bes' instructions and shoot the Bandits as soon as you get a good shot on them. The bus acts like a bunker and you'll be able to kill many Bandits while having a lot of cover from return fire. Being up in their face like this and being the first enemy they see helps distract them from shooting at Bes too. Be sure to keep moving from one end of the bus to the other to watch for Bandits moving on either side, and keep an eye on any that might flank you - they're not that dangerous to you but they might break past your position and kill Bes if you don't take them out.

Reward Edit

If Bes survives, he will reward the player with 2000 RU.

Notes Edit

  • Killing the bandit leader Vasya Boar completes a mission given by Sidorovich - Kill the bandit leader - which is automatically activated when the player enters Garbage for first time.

Tips Edit

  • It is recommended to try to save Yurik, he will provide extra help in the fight.
  • Remember to quicksave as the Loner lookout reports in.
  • Bes is armed with a AKS-74U Special; if he dies, don't forget to pick it up.

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