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Respond to the call for help
Quest type

Rescue / Help

Given by





2000 RU


Bes and his men survive

Hey stalker, you're just in time! We could really use your help. Those bandit bastards are trying to take control of the Garbage. We had a shootout here half an hour ago and managed to take down three of the dogs. The others retreated, but I'm dead certain they are going to come back with reinforcements any minute now. There aren't too many of us left and another man wouldn't hurt.
We've set up an ambush for them here. They'll be coming from the West, from the Agroprom Research Institute. Help us destroy their reinforcements and you won't regret it!

- Bes asking for help

Respond to the call for help is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Obtaining the MissionEdit

This mission is acquired when one enters the Garbage for the first time. There are no other requirements.


Offer your help to Bes - when the player sees this objective, he must head to the derelict machinery scrapyard (Vehicle graveyard) in the Garbage and talk to Bes about repelling the Bandit raid led by Vasya Boar .

Binaculars loner

Loner spotting the area in Bes camp. He then warns by saying They're coming! They're coming!


If Bes survives the raid he will pay 2000 RU in gratitude for help.


Saving Yurik when you first enter Garbage is advised as he will provide help during the Repel the bandit raid mission.

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