Return Duty member's assault rifle
Given by

Dolg PatchDuty


Duty member's assault rifle


1000 RU

I had an argument with a guide over nothing much and he won't take me to see the stalkers now! He says he doesn't even want to see me again, and I don't fancy wandering around the Zone on my own. I left my shooter with the stalkers when I went to visit them last week. One of our fellas got promoted and we were celebrating that with a good dose of booze. I got pretty wasted: the boys barely managed to get me back to the barracks, but they forgot my rifle. Could you bring it back for me? I'm not much of a soldier without a weapon.
- Mission description
Return Duty member's assault rifle is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Duty squad leaders in the Agroprom will provide this mission, the first optional mission in the area. The mission is quite simple: the player has to retrieve the Duty member's assault rifle from the Loners base, and bring it back.

Unless the player is somehow hostile to the Loners, there is no difficulty in this mission. The rifle is stashed in a chest at the entrance of the base's main building, near two Bandits hostages.

As for the weapon itself, it is not different to a regular AC96/2, aside that it cannot be upgraded, thus making it not very valuable.


The reward for this mission is 1000 RU that can be collected from Mitay, as well as a slight increase in reputation with Duty.

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