Return Duty member's case
Given by

Dolg PatchDuty


Duty member's case


2000 RU

Merc, when the mutants started appearing in the underground we had to abandon our positions and fall back. I was forced to leave my case back there with weapons, ammo, meds and my detector. I didn't have time to think about it - I had to save myself. Help me get that case back.
- Mission description
Return Duty member's case is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Duty squad leaders in the Agroprom offer this job after completing Return the PDA with secret information. The mission requires the player to go down the Agroprom Underground to recover a case that belonged to a Duty member.

The Agroprom Underground is only accessible after taking Krylov's job to flood the underground as part of the main storyline. Unless the player has completed the aforementioned mission, there will be resistance in the underground - mutants (including a controller) in the first part, then a small squad of bandits). Otherwise, only Duty members populate the underground after searching Strelok's hideout, thus making the mission easy to complete.


The reward is 2000 RU that can be collected from Mitay along with a slight increase in reputation with Duty.

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