Return the "lucky" detector
Given by

SCS LonersLoners


Lucky detector



Help me out, merc. I recently bought me a new, more powerful detector and threw the old one into an anomaly to celebrate. The thing is, this new detector is not bringing me much luck - it's been three weeks without an artifact. I guess this new detector is OK but I want my old one back. Bring it to me and I'll make it worth it.
- Mission description
Return the "lucky" detector is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the first optional mission Loners squad leaders in the Cordon can provide. The squad leader who gives the mission asks the player to recover his old detector from an anomaly field, as his new one, even though more powerful, couldn't find him artifacts anymore.

The detector itself is stashed in a bush near the western path to the Garbage. The bush is surrounded by a cluster of whirligigs and radiation, so caution is advised when the player tries to recover the item. The bush can be searched as if it was a stash.

Then the player must take the detector back to the squad leader to complete the mission.


The player's reward is 550 RU that can be collected from Shilov as well as a slight increase in relation with the Loners. Completing this mission unlocks Deliver a special medkit.

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