Return the Chaser 13
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SCS BanditsBandits


A bandit's Chaser 13



Well, here's a story: one of our fellas caught some lame digger and took him for a walk between some anomalies. They both copped it in a Gravi and I don't have a problem with that, but that fella borrowed my Chaser for the job and it's still there. If you could get it back, that would be real nice.
- Mission description
Return the Chaser 13 is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the first side mission available from the Bandits in the Garbage, and can be obtained by offering any Bandit squad leader help. The Bandit will ask the player to recover his shotgun, which was borrowed to him by another bandit in order to force a digger to walk through an anomaly, but the bandit and the digger both died, leaving the shotgun behind.

The shotgun itself can be found in the inventory of a dead bandit in an anomaly field near the southern path to the Dark Valley. The player must be cautious as the area is full of whirligigs, although these can be easily avoided. Once the player has obtained the shotgun, they can take it back to the bandit to complete the mission.


The reward for the mission is 500RU that can be collected from Tooth. As well, it will slightly increase the player's reputation with the bandits.


  • The whirligig is curiously referred to as "gravi".

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