Return the PDA with secret information
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Given by

Dolg PatchDuty


PDA with secret information


2000 RU

Merc, I was mugged by the bandits at the Garbage. They took everything: cash, weapons, ammo and my medical supplies. Worst of all, they took my PDA, which contained information about bandit locations at the Garbage. If I don't deliver that info to Krylov he'll bury me alive. Help me get it back!
- Mission description
Return the PDA with secret information is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Duty squad leaders in the Agroprom offer this mission after the completion of Return Duty member's assault rifle. The mission requires the player to recover a PDA with secret information, that was intended for Krylov, but was stolen from the Duty member by Bandits. The item is found in the Garbage, at the southern path to the Agroprom.

The only hazard here is the Bandits that occupy the checkpoint where the PDA is found by default. Unless the checkpoint was conquered by another faction in the meantime, the player will have to deal with them in the two following ways:

  • By stopping at the Bandits' request, one of the guards will loot the player and take all of their money, before granting them access. It is advised to spend as much money as possible to avoid losses, since the taken money cannot be recovered.
  • If the player doesn't want to pay the Bandits, they can fight them. The fight isn't particularly difficult since Bandits are usually poorly equipped, but the area has a notable lack of cover.

Either way, the PDA is found in a chest at the checkpoint.


The reward for this mission is 2000 RU that can be collected from Mitay as well as a slight increase in reputation with Duty.

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