Return the experimental device
SCS Mineshaft
Given by

Dolg Patch Duty
SCS Loners Loners


Experimental device


3500 RU

There's something you can return for me. We were testing a prototype for the scientists, a small device used to measure anomaly strength. It's not much use at this stage - it took them two days just to teach us how to use it. We were collecting information in the old mine when something happened, something attacked us...all sorts of crap started flying at us and I was the only one to make it out alive. The device was left down there with the boys - they got thrown into some anomalies. That thing that attacked us is probably still down there too, so it won't be easy getting it back, but if you manage you'll get a good reward
- Mission description
Return the experimental device is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the final side mission available within the Red Forest and is offered by both Duty and Loners squad leaders after completing Bring back the PDA with a map of the Red Forest. The player must go through the eastern mineshaft in the Red Forest to recover an experimental device from stalkers who died there while they were collecting information on anomalies. Note that if the player hasn't returned Forester the Compass the mine will be guarded by a large groupe of Renegades mostly armed with SA Avalanches.

Unfortunately this is a fairly difficult mission as the area where the device is found is patrolled by extremely dangerous Poltergeists. The body that holds the device can be found beside an electro anomaly, in the underground of the mine.


  • It is nearly suicidal for the player to jump down the mine and expose themselves directly to the poltergeists. The items that can be thrown by the poltergeists may deal severe damage, and a heavy item such as a gas tank may even result in an instant kill.
  • The poltergeists won't appear outright unless the player jumps down the mine. To make them appear, there is a trick involving destroying the crates behind a metal door near where the Compass is found. When the player hears the sound of an electro anomaly, it means the poltergeists have appeared.
  • In rare cases there might be a spawn glitch where the poltergeists do not appear. This can happen if the player had them spawning, then travelled to another area and returned to the Red Forest.
  • It is strongly advised to collect the guns that the Renegades guarding the mines discarded and put them in the locker that can be found near the Compass. This will prevent the poltergeists from using them against the player.
  • There are still some items such as small crates that cannot be destroyed and can be used by the poltergeists. Thus, one should still use heavy armor and medkits during the fight as the player is likely to take some damage.
  • Explosives are strongly recommended to attack the poltergeists. The RPG-7u will work fine but due to its rarity, one is unlikely to have it for this mission. Grenade launchers should work just fine - the Tunder S14 isn't hard to acquire at this point and M203 grenade launchers/GP-25 Kosters can be bought from Ashot and Mitay, respectively, as well as their respective ammunition, regardless of the player's reputation with Duty and Freedom. Bullet weapons will still work, however it will take a considerable amount of ammunition to kill the two poltergeists, as their hitbox is very tight and they are quite resistant.
  • As an extra reward, there is a Kolobok that spawns either by the concrete debris near the gas anomalies, or in the hallway with the Bulldog 6.
  • The only way out of the underground is the aforementioned metal door. Should stalkers occupy the mineshaft, they will eventually blow up the door and investigate the underground, allowing one to escape. Otherwise, if the player stands far away enough, the door might vanish, allowing one to escape as well.


The player will be rewarded with 3500 RU as well as a slight increase in reputation with the faction that provided the mission.

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