Return the rookie's jacket
Given by

SCS LonersLoners


A Durable Leather Jacket


750 RU

A guy came here from the Cordon the other day, one of them green and annoying types. He told everyone and his dog about his magic jacket, which he claimed could withstand any anomaly. I heard that even when the bandits captured him he wouldn't shut up until they chased him into a Gravi. Well, the poor bastard was right - the jacket survived the anomaly without a scratch. I could find a use for that jacket if you could bring it to me.
- Mission description
Return the rookie's jacket is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Loners squad leaders in the Garbage offer this side mission at first. The player is required to recover the leather jacket of a dead stalker in an anomaly. The body of the stalker is found in the middle of an anomaly, so caution and eventually medical supplies are advised.


The reward for this mission is 750 RU that can be collected from Shilov as well as a slight increase in reputation with the Loners.

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