Return the shotgun to the Duty member
Given by

Dolg PatchDuty


Ripper shotgun


1000 RU

We were on a mission to clear an area of mutants the other day when we ran into a huge one. The fight lasted at least an hour and we were low on ammo but that beast wasn't even close to dying. I gave the order to retreat but stayed behind to hold the mutant back while the boys were getting clear. I fired off all my ammo and then threw my shotgun straight at the bastard. Guess what happened next? That piece of crap started eating away at the shooter and ignoring me. Bring back my shotgun, it saved my life after all!
- Mission description
Return the shotgun to the Duty member is a side mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Duty squad leaders in the Agroprom offer this job after the completion of Return Duty member's case. The player must recover a Ripper shotgun from a stash at the top of a hill in the Agroprom and bring it back to him.

The player will have to fight a Pseudogiant for this mission, as it guards the weapon. The pseudogiant is a very tough creature, so explosives, or a shotgun with many buckshot rounds, are weapons of choice. The pseudogiant is found between both checkpoints to the Garbage. One may also try to get the weapon without fighting the pseudogiant, but this is fairly risky. The shotgun is found in the hole on the hill, that can be searched just like a regular stash.


The reward for this mission is 1000 RU from Mitay and a slight increase in reputation with Duty.

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