Road to the Swamps

In-game PDA map location

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Clear Sky

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Cordon, west of Military checkpoint

Coordinates given by


Coordinates cost



Military checkpoint, following NPR-21p special medkit mission


I take your money, you take my stash. You'll find it along the road to the Swamps, next to a corpse.
- ''PDA message''

Road to the Swamps is a stash located in the Cordon in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

The stash coordinates are gained from Shilov. The location of the stash is on top of the tunnel opening where you came to the Cordon from the Great Swamp. One way to access this stash is at the end of the NPR-21p special medkit mission. If you try to approach this stash without clearing the Military checkpoint, you probably won't make it. Another way is to use the teleport south of the Northern farm back to the Great Swamp and then teleport to the Cordon from the Southern farmstead again. You can access the stash because the Military doesn't start shooting until you pass the warning sign.

Walkthrough Edit

You have to clear out the Military from their base before you can access this stash. Save your game just before you taken out the last guy. With him out of the way, go out through the road, turn left and sprint to the west. Go up the hill above the tunnel opening. The corpse and backpack are laying on the cement retaining wall. Get out of the area as quickly as possible, because the Military spawns shortly after you leave the base. If you take too long, you may have to start over.

Notes Edit

Gallery Edit

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